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I would venture to say that my two oldest daughters have thoroughly enjoyed Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series. That said, I asked one of them to ghost write a blog today explaining what they find so fascinating about these books and the upcoming Twilight movie DVD release. So now you know I can't take credit for all the information provided here but instead feel a little like an onlooker only. I have promised the girls that come summer I will work my way through the books.

The Introduction

I had never heard of Twilight until our State Fair where I met the actual deer that was in the very beginning of the movie. I pretty much thought that it was some weird vampire movie that only true freaks would want to see … but I was so wrong. After I learned about it, the books and the movie seemed to be everywhere. I saw my first Edward Cullen picture about a month before the Twilight movie premiere and immediately changed my mind about the movie.

The Obsession

My sister went and saw the midnight premiere of Twilight November 21st. She brought home the Twilight book from a friend that night, and I was allowed to read it when she wasn't. It had to be the best book I’d ever read. After that, I begged for weeks to see it myself after hearing the positive ratings on the movie from my sister. Finally, around the 20th of December, I persuaded my dad into taking me to the theater and watching it. It immediately became my favorite movie, and Edward Cullen became my all time favorite character. I added the Twilight Saga to my Christmas list only to find out later that only my sister received the books, all to herself. She let me read them once, although I secretly read them each again, and that was it. I wasn’t allowed to touch them or anything. Instead, I watched Twilight four or five more times and soon began to collect Twilight posters. I got tired of never getting to read the books, so I recently went and bought the complete Twilight Saga set for forty-seven dollars with my own personal money. They were officially mine, and I could do whatever I wanted with them.

The Books (contains NO spoilers)

The Twilight Books have to be the best novels I’ve ever read in my whole life. I think what makes them so good is that they are all a little mix of everything. They’re a romance book, a horror book, a mystery book…everything mixed together to form the best series ever. Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author in the world, and she inspires me every day. One of the things I love the most about the book Twilight is how Stephenie Meyer describes everything so well that you can envision everything that you read and really feel what Bella is feeling and see what Bella sees. It’s modern and enthralling. I can’t think of anything bad about it. New Moon wasn’t my favorite book. I loved it but it was extremely sad and made me cry in one part. However, I love that Jacob Black gets a bigger part in this book. Eclipse was awesome. It was probably more of a horror book than anything else but it was so intense and interesting that I couldn’t put it down. Breaking Dawn is my second favorite from the Twilight Saga, Twilight being the first. I like that they switch narrators in the middle from Bella to Jacob. It was a nice change to see everything from his perspective. Even though it’s over seven hundred pages, I never lost interest. Edward is my absolute favorite character in the books. Then it would have to be Alice, Bella, and then Jacob. I love their personalities.

The Movie

After seeing the movie, my obsession grew from “this is pretty good” to “OH MY I LOVE TWILIGHT SOOOO MUCH!!!!”. The movie was awesome and covered about everything in the book. I think that all of the actors were great choices for their characters. I love Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Ashley Greene the most. Like a lot of other teenage girls, I’m completely obsessed with them. Catherine Hardwick is a great director, and I love how she filmed the movie. The acting was great, and it all flowed very smoothly. I was really disappointed that she wasn’t going to be the director for New Moon, but I’m sure Chris Weitz will do a great job. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. Twilight is the best movie, and everybody should definitely see it.

When Twilight Comes out on DVD

I coaxed my mom into letting me camp out at Blockbuster for our local Twilight DVD party. I would love to be in the first fifty people there, so I will be going out pretty early. I figured that I’d bring a blanket, a camping chair, and my Twilight books and wait until 12:01 a.m., get my movie, go back home and then watch it with my family and friends. I decided that I will make a Twilight cake and serve Twilight colored snacks like red soda and licorice. My sister will be out of town and my two Twilight-obsessed friends will be as well, but I’m still set on having a party no matter how many people come.

Well friends...Twilight from the perspective of a tween. So to help fan the fire of the movie release, I have been entering all of the WalMart ElevenMoms $150 Giveaway Contests in the hopes that one of the wonderful packages will become ours ... or should I say ... theirs.

I'm sure you'll want a chance at the drawing, so here are links to the sites I have visited:

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Lindsey said...

Great post! :-) I especially like the reference to Twilight as a "weird vampire movie that only true freaks would want to see"... lol I've happily been able to bring some of my friends over to the "true freak" side with me. You know, so I wouldn't be lonely in my freakiness. ;-)

I want to thank you for sharing the links to the contests - I hadn't known about them! Definitely going to go enter them all now!

Lindsey said...

Oh and I just remembered why I came to your blog! lol I got distracted - started seeing stars when I saw this giveaway package. I WANT!

You commented on my Blog Swing post - I mentioned peppermint oil helps me with workouts. And lavender oil, I have that, too. It's a big help when you're feeling stressed, isn't it? My mom is a big fan and was always spraying it everywhere - my dad would run when he saw her coming with her little spray bottle, lol. But he couldn't escape because she sprayed it on pillows and everything. :-)

Thanks for commenting!

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