Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homemade Pudding Cups

Perusing the grocery store aisles the other day, my youngest child, H-Bob, decided that she would like me to purchase a box of flashy looking pudding cups hanging in the deli case. No, no, no was my standard answer. Not because I'm against pudding, but more along the lines of wondering what really was in the cups and knowing the extra expense associated with throw away packaging and the like. Why not make our own I thought?

So off to the baking aisle we went and picked our own instant pudding mixes. They were on sale to boot as well. I fished out a coupon for storage containers and headed over to that aisle and picked up a set of small lidded containers. We were set and ready to make our own pudding cups.

Of course if you have the time, homemade pudding would work equally as well.

This is a case of where no additional instructions are really needed. Mix up pudding mix as directed using your favorite % milk. We happen to have fresh raw goat's milk on hand from Goat Princess' 4H project animals, so we're fortunate to have some pretty rich milk on hand. We also used just a tad less milk for a firmer set. Just a personal preference of mine. After whisking for two minutes, we poured the pudding into the cups, lidded them up carefully, and then popped them into the refrigerator. Based on the size of your mix and the size of your containers, you should end up with four 1/2 cup servings of pudding. We actually prepared two batches at once just to be on the efficient side of things. Now they're ready to grab in the refrigerator for quick snacks and lunches. If I could only convince my high school son to pack one in his lunch and remember to bring back the container, I would share them with him too!

So have your pudding cups and eat them too.

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