Friday, February 6, 2009

Why blog

One of the beauties of life is that we all can find time to think. Sometimes we like to shut the voices out of our head, but if we take the time to listen we find out a little bit more of ourselves. In the past few months I have entered the world of others by visiting their blogs and websites, listening to podcasts, gleaning information and becoming inspired. I've come to realize that blogging can be an extension of our passion whether it be specific or just in general terms. As Marla Cilley, the FLYLADY and my initial inspiration, says - everyone has a story to tell. It is just inside and only needs a little prompting to come out. She was referring mainly to writing a book in that conversation, but I have come to believe that blogging is just another outlet for that part of ourselves that needs to be expressed. For some, putting pen and pencil to paper is a more natural act than speaking. Perhaps that is the way with me. It is here that I hope to share and in turn learn from myself the lessons of life.

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