Monday, February 23, 2009

Perplexing purse swapping solution solved

I have to admit that I used to be one of those ladies who packed everything including the kitchen sink into my voluminous purse for the just-in-case moments. Somewhat justifiable when toting babies or toddlers around. I might have had it with me, but the real question was whether I could find it. Been there before?

After my children no longer needed me to haul their stuff around, I did downsize my purse but still had just about everything I could possible need in it. And had the same problem of not being able to find it. Need keys in a hurry? Forget it. Locate a simple tube of chap stick? No way.

Enter a solution that I cannot take credit for, but will take credit for instigating: dollar store zippered cosmetic bags. I have one for:

* pens, pencil, post-in notes, small notepad
* basic cosmetic supplies like pressed powder, compact mirror, etc.
* feminine products
* just-in-case items such as band aids, contact eye solution, sample lotions, Kleenex, emery board, Advil, chap stick, multi purpose tool, tape measure, dental floss, small sewing kit, cough drops
* small hairbrush and pony tail holders

Throw these into your purse will a wallet, cell phone, and keys and you're set. No fumbling around looking for tiny items again. I even keep a small zippered pouch for loose change and small bills. On a day-to-day basis I don't keep all of these bags in my purse as several of them just stay in my "mommy missile's" center console. I just grab the ones that I might need when I leave the vehicle. Just this little step has simplified life in a big way.

What about purse swapping? Just how easy is it to change out your purse with this system? I'm sure you get the picture. It's no trouble at all. In trying to kick up my style just a bit, I've picked up a couple of purses in colors other than basic black. If the one I'm using will clash terribly with what I have on, it's a simple matter to just switch over.

Trust me and try this. You'll love it.

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