Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's with the FlyLady?

Those were my words exactly when I first came across a reference to the FlyLady. What an odd name I thought ... what could she possibly have in common with flies? She explains where the nick-name came from on her site, but it has nothing to do with common house flies!

I took a peek at her website, and I was blown away. Marla Cilley, the FlyLady, has adapted and brought to a new level the writings of Pam and Peggy Young, the authors of the Sidetracked Home Executives among other titles. I used to watch them on our local morning show back when I did day care in my home with my first child about 18 years ago. They created a daily schedule based on 3x5 cards which I tried to follow as faithfully as possible for many, many years. It was a system that worked ... until toddlers started playing in the box ... or it fell over ... you get the picture. But the concept stuck with me. There even was a time my kids would joke with me, "Better put that on a 3x5, Mom."

I'm a born organized person, but with a hubby with 40-hour-plus job across town who also coaches youth sports plus four children to raise and homeschool, time has been my limiting factor. Pam and Peggy's system took the guilt away of knowing what needed to be done and broke it into manageable chunks every day. Not everything has to be done every day. Family is more important than keeping your home white-glove ready.

Back to the FlyLady. Pam and Peggy taught me how to organize my home but Marla's writings and Blog Talk Radio shows have taken my entire way of approaching my home executive position to a new level and made me think twice. After six months of being immersed in this way of thinking, I don't do the guilt-thing anymore. I don't consider myself a martyr. I've gotten rid of clutter in my home. As FlyLady says, "Clutter can't be organized." I drown out the negative stinking-thinking that tends to creep into our self-talk as we are about our daily lives.

People go to Marla for organization and home-cleaning tips but come away with more than that...a new perspective on our lives whether we work full-time, have the opportunity to be home with our kids, care for elderly parents, or home educate our children. Her positive attitude and Southern voice can't help but elevate your mood and put everything into perspective. If you haven't heard of her, check out what she has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

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