Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is Independence Day. The day we celebrate freedom. I don't want to take the topic of freedom lightly. No siree. It has given our country the right to worship, to educate our children as we see fit, to have free enterprise, to elect our leaders. We can complain here and there. Yes, of course, but today we celebrate.

It's just that today I'm celebrating freedom too. I do believe I have the majority of the day to myself. Hubby and the kids are out sturgeon fishing. Just so happens that I needed to still be here to take care of the ponies next door. Oh, and I'm not too fond of using the five-gallon bucket. Don't ask. So now that that is over and done for the morning, I'm heading to the garden to catch up, while a brisket slow cooks on the Traeger for when everyone returns. So I get to experience freedom from others' schedules...freedom from the kitchen...freedom to spend some time reading with an iced coffee after I broil myself outside. It doesn't come often, so I'm going to relish it.

Hope you all have a glorious Fourth with friends and family.

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