Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Big Island of Hawaii Vacation Adventure

I'll admit that two occupations I would never choose would include being a pilot or a scuba diver. That said, our family embarked on a five hour plus flight to vacation on the big island of Hawaii where plenty of snorkeling awaited us. The occasion? Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and a well deserved and long awaited family vacation. No, I don't like flying and should have probably suggested straight through flights but double take-offs and landings were just the ticket to rely a little more heavily on the Lord. Why Hawaii? Well everyone else in the family is a waterdog extraordinaire. Me? I was just anxious for a chance to relax in the warm temps and a pick up a good dose of vitamin D with no hectic schedule to follow. As hoped, we had a fabulous time with no one experiencing the sunburn of a lifetime as could be expected with the majority of the family being pretty fair skinned. We kept busy seeing the sights but still had time to just hang out...for the most part...for six solid days. Stay tuned as we experience our eight days of adventure.

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Melinda said...

What a great idea - the trip of a lifetime to celebrate your 25th anniversary! I'm taking notes on all your frugal ideas - I'd love to see Hawaii some day!

Six In The Northwest said...


We did have a great time even though we played it 'frugal' once we got there.

Congratulations on your son's graduation! Good job, mom :)


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