Monday, January 26, 2009

It figures

I found an absolutely gorgeous skein of yarn at JoAnne's Fabric back around the first of December and was compelled to purchase it ... it was on sale to boot. My first thought was what to do with it, and then thought that a scarf would be an easy item to knit up quickly. Well I dug out a pattern, and started in. Just while watching a couple of movies in the evening, it started to come together. Then I realized that one skein was not going to come even close to finishing it. I knew I had purchased the last skein in that color, so I checked online and could not find it anywhere there. Next best thing to do ... rip it all out ... and so I did. Now to search for a hat pattern, just something simple to wear out to the barn. New size of needles and off I went. But alas, it too fell short of what I really needed, so I started to size it down. So now my youngest daughter has a new hat, and it looks really cute too! I imagine there is a lesson to be learned from this story ... just hope I learned it.

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