Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you fill it, they will come

wire bird feeder

Yes, I admit I'm one of those who put up bird feeders, faithfully attract them to the yard, and then run out of birdseed. It's not the intention, but unfortunately it does happen occasionally. However, timing this time worked out great. I had been packing that 50 pound sack of black oil sunflower seeds around in the back of the minivan for way too long. Finally drug it out and filled all of the feeders expecting it to take a substantial amount of time before those innocent little songbirds would commit to trusting that those feeders would stay full and begin to visit them regularly. But as it would turn out, snow fell within a day or two, and yes, if you fill the feeder, they will come to them in flocks and droves. Now how did they know to check? They've been empty an awfully long time. Must be their God-given instincts to know where to check when they need it the most. And yes, I will keep them filled. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing them flitter and flutter about on the back porch. And when spring does arrive, we'll be rewarded by their beautiful songs and colorful plumage.

wooden bird feeder

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