Monday, May 14, 2012

Fortunately, It Was Mother's Day. Unfortunately...

Today broke bright and shiny. Unusual for a Northwest spring morning.

But... was Mother's Day. Nothing like some sun to put a spring in your step.

Unfortunately...that meant needing to remember to water my little seedlings in the greenhouse after opening it. A little too toasty for them.

Fortunately...I decided to wear my contacts so that I could bring along my sunglasses for the drive into town. of our daughters decided to ride to church a little later with her older sister, but never managed to pry herself out of bed to let said older sister know, and therefore got left at home.

Fortunately...Big Country's girlfriend brought me lilies for Mother's Day. How sweet is that.

Unfortunately...I still ended up cooking dinner for the family and my mom. But that's okay, because...

Fortunately...there's nothing like having your beef brisket slow-cooked on the Traeger the day before to make dinner a breeze.

Unfortunately...while I was visiting with my mom, H-Bob thought my remaining piece of fabric for Goat Princess' Snow White evil queen costume collar, was a scrap...and turned it into a hand sewing project. 

Fortunately...the fabric store still had the same material on hand to replace it with.

Unfortunately...while attending to all that, the horses stayed out in the very green, lush bottom field for a little longer than they should have. They had some pretty full bellies. was Mother's Day after all, and I garnered a few little gifts from DH...a Teavana mug AND one from Starbucks. I'm set for drinks now.

Unfortunately...we ran out of ice to make a great iced coffee to use one of those new mugs for.

Fortunately....I could enjoy another gift. H-Bob had convinced DH to make her/me a wonderful, rolling chicken coop for a few of her pullets that she wants to keep tame.


It came complete with an ingenious little sign, designed by H-Bob herself.

Unfortunately...those same wonderful hens generate flies which made their way into the house in great numbers while DH was putting some finishing touches on the new door he replaced our broken sliding door with.

Fortunately...the house cools down at night, and those buggers are sitting ducks.

Unfortunately...I didn't remember to open enough windows to really cool it down.

Fortunately...Big Country gave me the most heart-felt card ever. He rather poured his heart out in this one. A real keeper.

Unfortunately...we had such a full day that the planned early bedtime for everyone really did not happen. was a great day to spend with family and friends. And it's those moments that make everything worth it!

Hoping you all had a blessed time with your friends or family this Mother's Day.

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