Friday, January 21, 2011

I Sure Do Miss Blogging...

I really do. I have missed blogging, twittering, catching up on my favorite blogs, and in general, being part of like-minded individuals who find a certain release in journaling on-line.

So...what has been going on since June of 2010 when my poor blog seemed to drop off the face of the earth? Well...too much, as each individual item would be worthy of its own post. And in reflection, I should have somehow carved out the time to chronicle each event. I think I would have benefited from it.

I tend to be one of those who feel that if they can't get it all caught up, then don't start anything. Perfectionism at its worst, I know. Sometimes the 'just do it now' mantra should become mine to live by. I just need to pick up where life is now and march forward.

It is interesting to look back and realize that my farm blog Abernathy Creek Farm started to deteriorate about June, this blog started running downhill in July, my 365 Project did not get updated after August, and Twitter fell out somewhere around September. Sigh. I did find more time to connect with my 'face' friends on Facebook which has been wonderful though.

I've decided less lofty goals would benefit me perhaps. Maybe start with posting monthly...sad, I know, or bringing myself to publish a post without **gasp** a perfectly edited photo. Doing a 52 week Photo Project instead of beating myself up for not capturing and uploading a photo every single day. Going back to Tweet Deck to incorporate Twitter and Facebook simultaneously because I do so miss the camaraderie of the contacts I made on Twitter...wonderful people who share similar passions as mine.

So here goes. I'm off to upload Tweet Deck to my netbook. Perhaps I'll see you on Twitter soon!

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Weekend Cowgirl said...

We miss you too!!!! Maybe just aim for once a week or once every two weeks. See you on Twitter! I have been very busy and find it hard to do everything also...

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