Friday, May 1, 2009

How Do You Eat a Banana?

I'm either sheltered, naive, or fairly unobservant apparently. Last evening my DS 15, Big Country, took a banana from the fruit bowl and announced, "Mom, did you know bananas are easier to peel this way?"

As a way of background information, I have always peeled our bananas starting from the stem end. It has always been that way. You struggle with that tough stem and quite often bruise the top of your banana or even mangle it if it's a little on the green side.

Big Country turned the banana upside down, simply pushed the non-stem end in a little, a had no difficulty starting the peeling process of his banana. It was one of those, "Now why hadn't I tried that before!" moments. Of course I had to ask this brilliant child how he figured this out. His response was that he had just seen someone eat a banana that way at school and decided to try it for himself. As he pointed out, most pictures of partially peeled bananas show the stem end at the bottom. I'm beginning to think he was right.

Now I'm wondering how the rest of the world peels their bananas. Have I been the only one duped into peeling them the hard way? Did I learn it from my parents? I really want to know now. Leave me a comment before I die of curiosity! Thanks.

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Melinda said...

I've never pealed that way - but can't way to try!

Reminds me of how my husband (while we were still dating) would amaze me by snapping a banana in half with his bare hands! I had to marry that amazing man then! :)

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