Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wii Fit Yoga Benefits

About one month ago, I became inspired by other mom blogger's success with their Wii gaming systems by using virtual fitness programs like Wii Fit. I did some research and put out feelers as to whether this was a passing fad or something that someone would stick with. As we already had a Wii system with the Wii Sports and Wii Play, I was familiar with how the system works and how it possibly could be an effective workout system. Short story, we purchased Wii Fit and launched into it full swing. All family members and a few friends quickly started their Mii profiles. As I had hoped, I am still sticking with the system and trying to be consistent with my exercise.

The Wii Fit has four aspects: yoga, strength training, balance, and aerobic activities. Although I have played around in all four arenas, my goal is to do the Wii Fit yoga every morning. I lead a fairly busy lifestyle but know the importance of adding aerobic activity. As my schedule allows, I have been trying to work into those activities. More often than not though, I haven't found the time. I would ideally like to alternate the aerobic activity days with the strength training which is equally important.

I am surprised that I have found the Yoga to be so worthwhile. To be honest, I could have told you zero about what benefits one would derive through yoga, and I am still learning. My intial reaction was that I was getting in some good stretching although my Wii trainer talks about body balance and control as well.

What I just read in the April 1, 2009, issue of Woman's Day about yoga was still more new news to me. A recent study of 120 women showed that of those women who practiced yoga were less likely to have symptons of perimenopause and menopause. Sounds like a good incentive to me. They were talking about just 2-3 yoga poses a day for five days a week. The recommended pose time was five minutes which I don't think the Wii holds you to. Something else to investigate.

As my knowledge of yoga is so basic, I plan to check out yogatic.com more thoroughly. The site has YouTube videos demonstrating yoga poses for specific needs that you might have: a bad headcold, neck pain, weight loss, and even a bad day. Womansday.com also has an excellent photographic sequence that shows 32 different yoga poses and breaks them down into four basic types: Sun Salutation Sequences, Energizing Sequences, Yoga for Hips, and Relaxing/Decompression. I was glad to see that the Wii Fit yoga poses follow these moves as well ensuring that I am getting a well rounded yoga workout.

Perhaps as my knowledge of yoga grows, I will be able to more fully appreciate the workout I'm getting through the Wii Fit. I have no plans to abandon Wii Fit for a more traditional yoga workout as I love the accountability that the Wii gives me. But as in everything in life, a little extra knowledge can go a long way to providing a more balanced approach to your endeavors.

Go turn on your Wii Fit, hold a few yoga poses, and make your Mii and yourself a little happier.

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Julie@Wii Mommies said...

What an absolutely inspiring post! I agree with everything you said. Every time I tried yoga in the past, I thought I was doing it right but it turned out I obviously wasn't, because I wasn't getting any results. The Wii Fit is a great help to me and I've noticed since I started using it all those months ago that I have better posture and am 60 pounds lighter! Thank you so very much for this wonderful post!

gahome2mom said...

I like your Wii pix. I can not do the tree well. lol I am so enjoying the Yoga. I can do many of the strength activities pretty well. Happy TGIF!

Colleen said...

oh cool info on the yoga...I still have not gotten into it yet..but will definitly go check out that site...I didnt realize there were moves to get rid of certain things.

Jen said...

I love the Yoga on the Wii and had never tried any yoga before getting the wii fit. I usually do 10-15 min each day and I think it's fabulous. Thanks for all the great info about the benefits!

Jenn said...

I'm glad you are discovering a new aspect of exercise that works really well for you! I also find very interesting the benefits that exercise has on you in SOooo many ways. I read an article recently about how exercising and doing things like yoga while pregnant increases the health of your fetus as well! So interesting...

Saph @ Walk With Me said...

I really like the wii fit yoga. I have bad posture and slouch real bad and find when I do yoga, I feel so much better from the stretching and find it easier to stand up straight.

Kathy said...


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